Is It Legal To Hire Strippers?

While Las Vegas is often considered to be the premier adult playground in the country (if not the world), there are often questions about the legality of it all. After all, this type of fun certainly can't be legal, can it? You would be excused for thinking this way. It is always better to be safe than sorry in these sorts of instances.
We are here to assure you, though. Las Vegas strippers are perfectly legal and you do not have to worry about violating any laws when you enjoy one of the performances that we have to offer. We offer the service you need within 30 minutes or less. You will also enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are not breaking any laws of any kind.

Is it legal to hire private dancers in Las Vegas?

The short answer is yes. The slightly longer is still yes but you must make sure that the company you are relying upon has obtained their outcall license. This is the business license that allows us to send the strippers of your dreams directly to your hotel room, no additional questions asked. There can be zero prostitution or solicitation in these instances.
As long as the strippers are performing the show that they have been asked to provide and are not being solicited for any sort of additional services, you are in the clear from a legal standpoint. The strippers that you are going to be hiring for your private party are not prostitutes and should never be treated as such. That is when you will start to experience trouble with the law.

Can I pay for a naked massage in my room?

The services that these dancers provide is adult in nature and if the dancer is willing to provide a nude massage, this can be discussed upon arrival. As long as this massage remains a massage and is not used as a means of solicitation, there should not be any thorny legal issues to discuss. There is no reason to be nervous, as long as you are soliciting sexual acts from the dancers that you are spending time with.

What kinds of adult entertainment are legal in Sin City?

Upon arrival in Sin City, you might find yourself wondering what types of adult entertainment are truly legal. After all, no one wants to make the wrong decision and find themselves in hot water legally. For example, prostitution is most certainly illegal within Las Vegas. However, you can enjoy open containers of alcohol as long as you are downtown or on the Strip.
The idea that everything is legal in Las Vegas is a misnomer. Sex might not be legal but you are able to have private entertainment at your hotel room. If the women that you are in contact with are promising to offer anything more than a private show, they should not be trusted. You are being led down the wrong path. 

What am I paying for when I hire private strippers?

You are not paying for any sort of professional sexual experience when you hire private strippers. You are simply paying for a private show that is adult in nature. If consenting adults make their decisions (and money is not changing hands), this is a different story.
The strippers are able to get fully nude, provide girl on girl action and play with various toys. Would you like to watch two girls in a bubble bath? That can be arranged. Remain respectful and be a gentleman at all times, though. This ensures a fun evening for all parties involved.

Why do the girls expect to be tipped for their performance?

For starters, the performance that you are going to receive makes the strip club pale in comparison. Let's say that you are heading to a Las Vegas strip club with the fellas. Well, you are going to be spending $50 apiece just to get inside and that's before anyone has even bought a drink or a dance.
Meanwhile, a private show can be had for a fraction of these prices. This leaves you with plenty of additional money to tip the women accordingly. No one likes a cheapskate and since private shows are more economical, you are able to make it rain on the women of your dreams.