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You and your buddies have been planning this bachelor party for weeks.  You’ve booked the hotel, have enough booze to start your own liquor store, and the wives and girlfriends all think you’re on a fishing trip in Montana.  There’s only one thing missing from your epic soiree, and that’s the live entertainment.  This is where we come in to crash your bachelor parties in Las Vegas with a veritable sledgehammer of hot girls that enjoy partying as much as you do.  One call to 702-479-7880 is all it takes to really get the party started.  We have some of the most beautiful, most adventurous, and naughtiest Las Vegas escorts, and they’re literally lining up to show you how a private strip show is done.

Forget the Strip Clubs and Bars!

There is no doubt that Las Vegas escorts and strippers are the way to go for the best time possible. Las Vegas escorts and strippers are the way to go for the best time possible. Whether you’ve been to one strip club or 50, it’s pretty much the same thing every time.  You go in with high expectations, and leave with the distinct feeling that you just wasted several hours of your time and hundreds of dollars of your hard earned money.  Sure the girls are hot, but shoving dozens of bills at them up to the stage in the midst of dozens of other horny guys is usually a less-than-intimate experience.  And lap dances can be pretty hot, but they can also be pretty expensive.  You’ll spend less at a lawyer’s office in 5 minutes than in one of those strip club “VIP” rooms with bored looking girls that keep their good parts covered up and treat you like an ATM.  And nightclubs and bars?  Nine times out of ten you’ll spend the night buying drinks for a bunch of ball busters and leave alone anyway.  We say skip all that useless crap and get the night started the right way!  Our girls are gorgeous, game, and ready for action.  And unlike the strippers at the clubs and ice queens at the bars, these babes get right down to business and take it ALL off for you, and for a hell of a lot less money.  One girl will perform a jaw dropping private show for just $200, and our two-girl special for $300 just might give you a heart attack to go with your hard-on!  Plus, these girls come right to your door on your time.  Whether the party is just you and your filthy imagination or the type of bachelor party they make movies out of, we’re your go-to for Las Vegas bachelor parties.  So quit wasting your money in lame strip clubs where nothing really happens and you have to share the girls with a few hundred other slobs, and quit buying drinks for a bunch of teases at the nightclubs only to leave with blue balls and an empty wallet.

Call 702-479-7880 and let us show you how Las Vegas got its reputation!

Strippers with Toys!

We all know men love their toys – their cars, bikes, TVs, and games.  Well, the ladies love their toys, too, but they love the kind that usually comes with batteries and multiple orgasms!  And our lovely ladies love to have you watch while they satisfy their most basic desires!  Who wouldn’t love a perfect 10 right there in the hotel room with her legs spread, high heels in the air, and pleasuring herself with sexy accessories? Our hot and horny escorts in Las Vegas will do things normally confined to their bedrooms and your porno videos – all you have to do is kick back and watch (and slobber).  The only downside is that you may find yourself getting a jealousy complex involving a giant pink double sided dildo!  Our girls don’t just dance – just sayin’. 

Two Girl Shows!

Find me a guy who doesn’t love to watch two hot girls get it on and I’ll find you a freakin’ liar.  Sometimes you’re in the mood to watch just one scorching hot babe shimmy and grind, and sometimes you need to dial it up a notch and get a first-person view of two supermodel contenders getting it on with each other.  Imagine you and your Las Vegas bachelor party buddies kicking back in the hotel watching two gorgeous girls play with each other right in front of your eyes.  You can watch their pretty pink tongues explore each other and their manicured fingers run down each other’s gorgeous bodies while you watch everything.  So quit just watching it on your computer and TV and watch a little lesbo action right there in your room!  The time is now!

Create a Night Like No Other!

It’s called Sin City for a damn good reason, and it’s time you got the proof!  Sure, you come to Vegas to gamble and eat, but it’s often the Las Vegas bachelor parties that make those crazy trips to the glittering desert hotspot the stuff of legends!  Get a one-woman private strip show for just $200, or a two-girl grind-fest for the special price of $300, and get the room pumping!  Whether it’s the groom getting the quality time or the entire bridal party, our Las Vegas strippers are as hot as this town and ready to please!

You Supply the Place and We’ll Supply the Party!

Need some Las Vegas bachelor party ideas besides the usual gambling binges and bar and strip club hopping? We are all you need to make the groom-to-be happy for one last night of total freedom.  Our VIP Las Vegas strippers will put on a show right out of your wettest dreams, right there in the privacy and comfort of your hotel room.  Don’t settle for some fly-by-night escort service – our hot Vegas strippers will come right to your door to dance, play with their toys for both of your pleasure, and even lick their dancing BFF while you just relax and watch.

Bring Your Imagination and Leave Your Inhibitions at Home!

Whether you want a little quality one-on-one time with just you and one of the most desirable hotties in Vegas or want some top-tier entertainment for your bachelor parties in Las Vegas, we’ve got what you want, and more importantly, what you need to have a good time.  We’ve got the naughty girls you bring home to your room, not your mother.  Just call 702-479-7880 and we’ll bring the party to you!  Take a good look at the dozens of Las Vegas strippers here for the choosing.  Willowy blondes, curvaceous redheads, or sultry brunettes – we have them all and they’re all ready to make your night!

Bring the Show Right to Your Hotel Room!

Imagine a perfect 10 with all the energy and fire of Las Vegas right there in your room giving a show just for you (or 20 of your closest friends).  Picture a hot Las Vegas stripper swaying hips, legs for miles, perfect tits and ass, toned abs and a face right out of a fashion runway, giving you a smile and an experience you’ll never forget, all in the privacy and convenience of your own room.  We’ll send a gorgeous girl right to your door to grind her hips, shake her ass, and bounce her tits right in your face.  Your Bachelor Party in Las Vegas starts and ends with us, and it’s time to start exploring your inner Charlie Sheen and let your wild imagination go unchecked.  No more lame Las Vegas bachelor parties where you stand around looking at each other waiting for something to happen – let this be the party that will be the stuff of men’s magazines!

What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas and on Your Dirty Mind Forever!

Hot temperatures, hot lights, and hot girls – it must be Vegas!  All it takes is one call to 702-479-7880 to start a night you’ll never forget.  Our service is convenient, discreet, and comes at a competitive price.  The only thing better than strippers for a Las Vegas bachelor party is strippers that come right to your door for a custom, down and dirty personal party in a city where partying is both legendary and mandatory.  End the night with a crap eating grin on your face that’ll last for weeks.  Your hard-on might last that long too, no little blue pills necessary. Try our friends at Sin City strippers.


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